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Mission and values

“High achievement always takes place in a framework of high expectation”

We are committed to creating a culture of high expectation.  There are many educational institutions that specialise in just high academic performance, but many of these fail to recognise the needs of the fully rounded young person – who doesn’t yet know what they want to contribute to life or what they hope to take from it.  Our College is dedicated to providing the highest quality teaching, with well qualified, capable staff who are committed to ensuring that each student achieves to their full potential.  These opportunities include academic classes and a wide variety of artistic, sporting and vocational contexts – all of which contribute to that growth-mindset that schools are equipped to foster. 

Our College Values in Action

“High achievement always takes place in a framework of high expectation”

It’s about Resilience:  Next year as well as a strong leadership process from P-12, and an active and engaging House system, we will be providing a wellbeing program that will ensure that our students are aware of and educated in the life skills, that the community is increasingly relying upon schools to deliver.

It’s about Responsibility:  Our academic program is about ‘best fit’ for students’ capabilities and future pathways.  We have academic challenges from Junior through Middle Phase and the AEP and ADP programs and into senior courses.  We have a strong career development program in the secondary school to shepherd and monitor our students along the best educational pathway through to graduation.  There are stringent, non-negotiable pre-requisites for entry into OP eligible courses ensuring a high level of capability in these classes.  Further opportunities exist within solid, industry based certificate courses designed to provide the best possible launch for our students.  A vibrant Creative Industries atmosphere and a specialised Sports Development program mean that we won’t limit your student’s dreams in any way.  We will provide pathways to build on their success towards their hopes and dreams.

It’s about Respect: We have high standards with regard to uniform, lateness, attendance and behaviour – part of our framework of high expectations.  We are workplace, where our students are working towards and investing in their own future; these basic expectations are the starting point.  100% attendance is our expectation, and if we are to teach our programs and develop our learners, they must be present and engaged.

It’s about Initiative:  We expect our students to engage in the course that best suits their capability and then to commit to that.  We know that the workforce employs:  good communicators, team players, collaborative problem solvers, resourceful and responsible individuals and that is why we are embracing the culture of Inquiry in Junior School and Thinkspace from Middle into our Senior years.  Thinkspace is about owning your own learning, it about be unafraid of rigorous thinking and enjoying the challenge of reasoning in a high challenge, low threat environment.  Our best and brightest, in any field, come to us with these skills from you; our challenge is to foster these in all students.

Calamvale will continue to produce students with outstanding achievements and in ever increasing numbers.  We will achieve this within a framework of high expectations where all students have success and all students have had the opportunity to engage in a rich and diverse environment.

“High achievement always takes place in a framework of high expectation”

Enrolment is the first step in your student’s journey; we are with you in a partnership of high expectation to enable our students to be the best that they can be.