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Instrumental music program

The Instrumental Music Program at Calamvale Community College has two primary components. The Band’s Program and the String’s Program. The Band’s Program is overseen by Dean Simmons and is comprised of 4 ensembles. “Junior Band”, “Senior Band”, “Stage Band” and “Percussion Ensemble”. The String’s Program is overseen by Catherine Erbacher and is comprised of 5 ensembles. “Crotchets”- beginners, “Corelli”-junior level, “Cadenza”-intermediates, “Crescendo”-advanced and the “Senior String Quartet”. Our College Ensembles rehearse both before and after school, and instrumental lessons are taught in groups with students receiving one lesson per week in school time. Our Instrumental Music Program provides exciting musical opportunities and experiences and enhances students’ learning through the joy of music. We set goals and strive for excellence whilst still aiming to have fun in our learning environments. Our annual program is packed full with workshops, masterclasses, day camps, regional music camps, hot-house programs and performances.

Dean Simmons is the Instrumental Music Coordinator for the College Program and in conjunction with the Performing Arts Teachers facilitates the running of the program. The College has excellent facilities, great resources, modern learning spaces, enthusiastic students and a dedicated team of teachers who are committed to nurturing the growth and development of Instrumental Music in the College. As a College we strongly believe in the value of music education and the many benefits it brings to students lives both socially and academically.

Here is a quote from an article on which scientifically endorses the link between learning music and academic excellence.

“It has long been the source of scientific debate as to whether music can improve the cognitive processes in children. Referred to by some as “The Mozart Effect,” a strong correlation is often found between music and increased brain activity. A new study by Canadian scientists has helped to strengthen that link. It shows that participation in music lessons at an early stage in life can help to improve a child’s memory and learning ability by encouraging different patterns of brain development.”

Below is an overview of events on the Instrumental Music calendar for 2015. It shows how active and involved our students are with music in the College and the opportunities presented to them through workshops, masterclasses, and performances.

An overview of instrumental music - 2015

Term 1

  • “Beginner Immersion Program” and concert (Strings and Band)
  • Senior Band and Percussion Ensemble perform at “Whole College Assembly”
  • Stage Band play for the "Easter Hat Parade”
  • “Percussion Workshop”
  • “Brass Workshop”
  • Percussion Ensemble perform for “Junior Assembly”

Term 2

  • Senior Band play for the “Anzac Day Ceremony”
  • 3 day Regional Music Camp and evening concert
  • “Percussion Workshop”
  • “Saxophone Masterclass”
  • “French Horn Masterclass”
  • “Taiko (Drumming) Workshop”
  • Senior Band perform for “Junior Assembly”
  • Percussion Ensemble perform at “Sports Assembly”
  • Percussion ensemble perform at “Talent Night”
  • Stage Band, Senior Strings and Percussion Ensemble perform at “Whole
  • College Assembly”
  • End of semester evening concert involving all ensembles

Term 3

  • Intermediate Strings and Senior Strings Quartet perform at “Beenleigh
  • Eistedfodd
  • Stage Band, Percussion Ensemble and Senior Strings Quartet perform at the
  • “Calamvale Carnival”
  • “Trumpet Masterclass”
  • “Percussion Workshop”
  • Stage Band and Percussion Ensemble perform for “Junior Assembly”
  • “Celtic Strings Workshop”
  • Senior Band perform at “Whole College Assembly”

Term 4

  • “Music Fest” Band Competition. All ensembles participate
  • “Percussion Workshop”
  • Percussion Ensemble perform at “Gigs in the Gallery”
  • “Music Awards Night” – end of year concert for all ensembles
  • Stage Band and Percussion Ensemble perform for “Whole College Awards”
  • Selected Music Students to perform for “Valedictory”
  • “Instrumental Music Information Night” for new families