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Year 6 Sydney/Canberra Tour Update


24 March 2015


Dear Parents and Carers,

This is note is to inform you that we will not be continuing with the scheduled early Wednesday morning (25/03/15) Year 6 Canberra payment process which supports a ‘first in best dressed’  process.  The office will open at 6.30am but payment will not ensure attendance.

The reasoning is as follows:

·         This process is disadvantageous to those students whose parents may not be able to attend the school in the early morning.

·         Issues will arise, on the day, with eligibility to make deposit payments.

·         Parents and students will be dissatisfied with the process if they miss out on inclusion in the trip.

·         Every student who wishes to attend the camp should, even if there are limited positions, still have an equal opportunity to be included in the trip.

·         No matter what the process, anyone who misses out on inclusion will be upset, the best we can hope to do is provide maximum flexibility, opportunity and consideration.

Parents and carers will be able to make a deposit for the Year 6 Canberra trip from this Wednesday (25/3/15) at 6.30am through to Friday (27/3/15) COB at 11.30am including online direct deposit payments. 

The College bank account details are as follows:
BSB:                     064 159
Account:              10205376


These payments will be processed according to the prerequisites that have already been established:  all College-invoiced payments have been settled and cleared prior to the deposit being processed and the student meets behaviour and attendance College expectations.

On Monday we will consider the number of deposits received and establish the most equitable option to progress towards the camp. The follow considerations will be pursued:

·         If the number of deposits is just over the number required for a single bus, we will conduct a lottery of all paid deposits to establish a list of attendees.  All remaining deposits will be offered the opportunity to remain on a waiting list pending final attendance and payment figures in July.

·         If the number of deposits is closer to the required number for two buses, all deposits will be accepted and the possibility of topping up the camp with students from another year level will be considered. 

·         The cost is currently approximately $600, a relatively small increase in this amount may be an additional solution if deposits fall just short of the number required for one or even two buses.  Any change to this figure will be at the discretion of the administration who are cognisant of the need not to price students out of the camp.  $600 is significantly cheaper than this camp has ever been.

The exact numbers which impact these decisions will be at the discretion of the administration, with our community trusting that the College wants to offer this opportunity to as many students as is possible.  All families who have made a payment will be given information regarding the progress of this process on Tuesday 31st March through a letter home.

Lastly, please remember that this is an extra-curricula excursion and as such not a compulsory nor required part of the curriculum.  As such it may be the case that every student who wishes to attend may not be able to do so, in spite of our best efforts.

This information will be posted on our website, sent by text, sent as a letter, advertised on the street signs, by phone call to families whose student is absent today (24/3/15) and posted on the P&C Facebook page.

I apologise for the late notice but do hope that all families might understand and appreciate the reason for the decision.  I hope that we are able to accommodate all students and encourage you to make those deposits this week to allow a decision on the number of buses to progress and any further arrangements might be made prior to the holidays in April.